Download Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation Android Apk

On February 27, 2013

Action games on android platform are maturing slowly enough to compete with play-station and Xbox. Keeping the screen side argument aside, you get the equally exciting game-play and graphics on touch devices. Gameloft released one of their new action game sequel called Modern Combat 3 – Fallen Nation recently. This game has everything that you need from a console based army action game. If action games interests you more than the puzzles and adventure games, you may want to check out fallen nation.

You can Download Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation Android Apk from Google Play. It costs 4.99$ for this game. Considering the graphics, gaming experience and the replay value, It’s worth paying for this game. It also has the multiplayer and the LAN mode which makes it easy for you to play with others If you get bored with campaigns. It doesn’t have in-game notifications and ads so the gaming experience is kept much better compared to free action games.

Game Play: Modern Combat 3 has decent story plot of saving USA from invasion and typical action game scenario leading you from one level to another. It has typical team work and the stealth mode levels where you have to be careful to complete the task. It also has some blind shooting regions where you have to work hard to find the enemies to survive. Overall, fallen nation requires you to work harder to survive just like most of the action games out there.

Touch controls are tricky If you’re console user, It takes some time to get used to the game. Your fingers are likely to get stressed while playing the game. I did noticed cramps in fingers while making some of the typical action moves like moving and aiming for the target. As such moves are much easier to manage with consoles, same can’t be said for the touch devices. That is not the fault of the game as consistent usage of touch based devices leads to carpel tunnel.

Fallen Nation also has online gaming server where you can connect and team up with others. You can also use the LAN mode which lets you play with players nearby. It gets interesting on the gaming server because server is quite fast and It seems there are some official gameloft testers and other players on the server all the time.

Graphics: I didn’t much to critic on the graphics side as the gameloft paid attention to the graphical details. Sounds are also not that annoying.

If you like playing FPS action games then Modern Combat 3 – Fallen Nation is worth checking out.