Download Moon+Reader Android App apk from Google Play

On February 6, 2013

Kindle started a whole new trend of book reading market on small devices. Now that Amazon allows the downloading and reading feature from third party apps, It is  possible for many users on Android to read eBook on their table or phone. There are plenty of apps that lets you sort and read the books downloaded from apple, amazon and other book stores on-line.

If you download the books only from amazon store then using their Kindle app makes a lot sense. But when you’re downloading books from multiple sources, Kindle app is just not enough.  It is quite hard to choose the right app that fits your needs in that case. You need to use all the feature related to the kindle on your phone or  tablet along with support for other book formats. If you’re downloading the eBooks from multiple sources like Apple bookstore, Barnes&Noble and Google Books then using Moon+ reader is much better option.

You can Download Moon+ Reader. It is free app so there is nothing you have to pay for the Moon+ reader. They however make money by showing ads on their app. So that means this ad-supported app requires Internet connection to show these ads. If you’re using this app while off-line you may not be able to use some of the live features. Ads are also shown on the front screen of the app and the rest of the app screens are not monetized by ads. It is fair considering the amount of features that this app provides at free of cost.

Moon+ Reader supports more than 34 languages and more language support is under development. You can also share the DRM free books with your friends using this app. All they need to do is have this app installed on their tablet or phone.

Moon+ allows you to change the background of the screen as per your comfort. You can choose from the available set of default options or choose the visual and control options. There are plenty of themes to choose from which are more comfortable for reading experience compared to Kindle app themes.

You can also do commenting, highlighting and lookups within the book. As of now it supports a lot of formats like epub, chm, umd, fb2, zip and docx. It doesn’t support abw and mobi format out of the box. It will take few more updates for proper support of many other formats. It also lacks the pdf reader support.

If you purchase books from Google books, Barnes&Noble and Apple books then you will find this reader app useful for reading the books. There are however some limitations which I hope will be taken care of in future versions. I recommend this beautiful app to anyone who likes reading books on android devices.