Download MySettings Android App apk

On April 1, 2013

Finding your way out to many settings of android device can be tricky and often is hard to manage some settings. There are plenty of nifty apps that makes it easy for you to edit interface settings and toggles at one place. If you want much better app to manage settings and notifications, checkout MySettings android app.

You can download MySettings Android apk from Google Play store. It is available in two versions – Free and Pro. Free version does most of the task but some of the features are not enabled. Pro version comes with all the features with no restrictions to usage. It costs only 2.99$ to use the Pro version and it is relatively cheap app compared to other power apps out there.

User Interface

App UI looks more of tiles type buttons, each with it’s own way of managing the settings and features of the phone. We know that these features are already present in the android but this UI makes it easy for us to access them. So basically this app makes it easy for us to navigate the features. You will find that it is quite easy to access information compared to traditional way of navigating the settings for apps and device.

The unique selling point for this app is that it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is start the application and you’ll be able to navigate to many features of that app.

It is extremely useful UI which frees you from “No more lost” feeling. It just takes the simplicity side of the UI and let’s you do the changes to the device features.  There are also some settings which are meant for the power users who wish to tweak the devices. You can find these settings in Pro version. These are the type of settings that makes it easy for you to manage the device features like battery, display and other things and tweak as per your comfort.

I personally found that this app can help a lot if you are using too many apps and have plenty of settings to manage in your android device. You also get a lot of information about these settings from this app and it helps you make the changes. UI is quite simple, yet smooth and makes it easy for you view the settings without feeling clutter and bombarded with options. One more point is that if you give this app to any android newbie, he’s likely to find it more useful. UI is also fast and more responsive on touch devices.

All things said, you need to know that most of these settings are already available on your phone. So It’s not doing anything exceptional other than offering few power usage features.

If you want smooth and simple UI for managing the settings, go ahead with MySettings Android App.