Download Ninja Chicken Android apk

On January 29, 2013

Arcade games are not hard to find on Android play store. There are countless arcade games with various themes to keep you hooked to your phone. But very few games are there that will not only entertain you with humor but also let you enjoy the thrill of arcade theme. Ninja Chicken is one such game that maintains balance of both humor and arcade fun. Ninja Chicken comes in two different episodes with each being a classy arcade game on it’s own. For those who are new to this genre, think of it as similar to Mario game.

You can Download Ninja Chicken from Google Play store. It is free game that shows ads on your gaming screen. That is how the developers are keeping the game free of cost to download. You can find the ad-free version of the game roaming across some of the forums. Though these versions do appear safe to download, use them at your own risk if you’re downloading from third party sites. That said, Installation is painless and in few minutes you’ll be able to play the game on your phone or tablet.

Game Plot : A funny chicken is on the mission to become a skilled ninja to show other chickens that there is a ninja among them. Each level makes the chicken more faster and stronger. By the end of all the levels, chicken gains the status of ninja. You as a player is going to help the chicken to accomplish all the crazy levels that obstructs chicken to be a ninja.

It has 30 crazy challenging levels that will keep you hooked to the phone. You may not find it hard to play these levels if you’re comfortable with arcade games. For those new to the arcade games will find some of the levels stretchy and hard to complete, which is quite obvious as some objects and their purpose is rehashed a lot. Each level contributes to chicken being a ninja so you can’t skip them by any means. You’re forced by this game to unlock every level until you get exhausted which is possible if you’re new to the arcade theme.

Sounds in this game are fun. You don’t find much annoying sounds or the effects in the game. Graphics and the backgrounds in the game are cool. You’ll find the graphical effects much better compared to the old arcade games.

You can download Ninja Chicken and see for yourself if you like this crazy arcade game.