Download Nun Attack Android Apk

On May 31, 2013

There are tons of action games on android and some of them lack originality and don’t offer much to the gamers. Nun attack is a new action game that is very addictive and is getting a lot of positive reviews lately.

You can Download Nun Attack from Google Play Store. It is free to download game on android but costs 99 cents for the iphone users. Considering the action genre game and the addictive gameplay, I can say that it does have a lot of replay value. However, sometimes it does get boring because of repetitive enemies. You’ll enjoy the game nonetheless If you like playing action games on tablet or mobile. They have removed the in-game ads from the game and only kept the offer shop so you can get some free coins and also help the developer in terms of revenue.

Game Plot: One of the nun is gone away from the path of the enlightenment and is spreading the evil. It is upto the four nuns appointed by the church to get her back on with the path of lord. Each nun character that you control has her own powers and attack patterns. They are mostly going to attack the enemies on their own, or you can guide them by putting them into the path of the enemies. If you wish to use special attacks or blessings, then you have to mimic the message and then use the power against the enemies.



Controls: It takes time to get used to the controls of the game. You’ll find that activating and using the blessings for each nun gets a time lag which you’ll find annoying. It would even sometimes may go against your player and you’ll have to use the powers sensibly. Game starts to drag because of some of the attack patterns and the controls that are being offered.

Graphics & Audio: Character design and the enemy designs are good. Each character of nun is drawn by keeping an eye on details. As the game is action based, you’ll find yourself in the different neighborhood where you’re likely to find some vilians assigned to attack to kill the nuns. It has futuristic theme in the background or within most of the levels. There are powers like blessings and prayers which have it’s own smooth FX effect. I personally enjoyed the way how the graphics was arranged and how the controls were managed for some attacks. Audio isn’t annoying but expect some random attack sounds and some funny screams in between the levels.

If you like playing action games then you should check out nun attacks.