Download Osmos HD Android Apk – Space Strategy Game

On February 14, 2013

Slow paced strategy games are fun to play. Most of the strategy games out there are rich with graphics and physics gaming experience. Physics games are designed to make you think in order to solve some of the puzzles. Osmos HD is one such strategy physics game that is getting popular on android store. In comparison to other physics games Osmos HD is slow in pace and requires some patience while solving physics based survival puzzles.

You can Download Osmos HD from Google Play Store. It is priced at 3.18$, which is reasonable If you consider the replay value of the game. You can play the demo version of the game which is limited with levels before upgrading. This makes it easy for you to choose option of upgrading. It also has regular updates to the game so you’re going to find some interesting levels with each update.

Game Play:  Player is trying to protect an organism in space called “mote”. It survives by consuming other smaller motes in size and gets bigger. It also has to stay away from the bigger motes which are trying to consume other motes. This is basically survival physics strategy game where you need to have a lot of patience. The process of osmosis the basis of this game and that’s why the game is named as “Osmos”.

At first you start with small blue mote and you have to consume the smaller motes nearby in order to grow big. You have to also watch out for some of the motes that are traveling in space. In first few levels of game, you’ll be surrounded with red large motes. The challenging part comes when all the motes are moving around and makes it difficult for you to consume. None of the motes Including your own are going to remain still. That’s the part where you have to be patient and consume other motes.

As the game is based on the physics, you have to be very careful with the movement. If you don’t maintain your position carefully, you either fall out of the osmos world or get absorbed into the sun.

Compared to many other strategy physics game, Osmos requires a lot more patience and for the same reason I don’t think kids are going to like it. I think the pace of the game is both advantage and the disadvantage at the same time.

Graphics and Sound: Osmos HD version is graphically rich and has plenty of effects that makes game a lot more interesting. Each level has dedicated soundtrack in the background that is worth listening while playing this game.

If you like playing physics based game then you can give Osmos HD a try. It is worth spending few bucks to experience the fun.