Download Pirates: Captain Clumsy Android Apk

On May 24, 2013

Previously we reviewed Must Eat Birds which has a concept of protecting the character from falling Birds. Captain Clumsy has a similar concept but with a twist where you have to protect captain while reaching down the ship.

You can Download Pirates: Captain Clumsy from Google Play Store. It is free of cost game so you don’t have to pay for the game. You’ll find that, game is quite repetitive after some levels, so it doesn’t have much of a replay value. As you’re paying nothing, there is nothing to lose to try this game.

Game Concept: In each level captain starts falling from the top of the ship and you have to slide left and right to adjust his direction. You have to adjust the captain in such way that the parachute is not tampered and doesn’t get obstructed with the items in the way. You have to avoid those obstructions and get the captain safely to his way back down. Most of the time you’ll find the gulls in the way and you have to get the captain down by avoiding them.

Game has very strict control over how you progress  from one level to another. In some of the cases you have to complete all the previous levels and collect all the chests to advance further. In case of some levels, collecting the chests are enough to let you go ahead in next level. You can use the real money to buy in-game currency and unlock other levels.

I didn’t like the push towards the in-game shop. I mean we have seen many similar games that has in-game purchase pitch. It didn’t worked after some time for the facebook based games. I think many android gamers are now skipping even the good games because of such in-game shops and point systems. Even though game is good, the in-game points and purchase concept still sounds annoying. Only way to skip the pitch is by playing the previous levels and collect all the chests¬† that gets you passed in other levels.

Game graphics is very attractive. All the game backgrounds are related to the pirates and the similar sea themes. The graphics appears fun and friendly and surely has humor in each and every level of the game. Effects for the game are also nice. You’ll find the 2D graphics much clean and focused on characters. It doesn’t have annoyance from the audio side but you’d surely feel like lowering down any way if you wish to focus on the game. It is worth playing at-least once, If it gets addictive for you, you can find similar games on android store on this theme.