Download Politician: The Game Android Apk

On May 9, 2013

Adventure Puzzle games are fun with the touch tablets. Politician is one such game that makes use of touch features for the gaming experience. It is mix of Mines and Bomberman concept along with touch feature for the gaming experience. If you like playing such adventure games then you are going to love politician the game. It is very interesting and fun to play this game.

You can Download Politician android apk from Google Play store. It is free of cost game and does have a replay value so you’re going to enjoy it for sure. It has many interesting levels that will attract you to play again and again. The rewards may not be interesting for you but the puzzling side of this adventure game is definitely worth checking out. It may not be attractive in terms of graphics but the gameplay does make it more attractive.

Concept: Politician has a tagline, “Get rich and avoid explosives”. The entire game sums up in this tagline. All you have to do is avoid the explosives while collecting the coins. Game expects you to draw circle that collects the coins. While collecting these coins you have to avoid touching the bombs. If you do get close to bomb while drawing the circle or if your circle has bomb in it, then you get blown and you lose the game. That’s basically the concept of this game.

There are some twists to this game though. The freehand loop doesn’t get close to the circle as the lines are less freehand and more of slanted straight lines. This makes it harder for you to draw on the tablet or phone. However you can just get close to the circle shape and it may work fine as well.

Other than the drawing, you get to use the touch and drag controls as well. Just have to be careful with the bombs and you don’t have to much learn about the controls of this game. Learning curve wise this game is pretty easy to understand.

Your game starts with less time compulsive mode and then it gets more harder. I have found that politician does reminds you of old arcade games due to it’s graphics and the sound. However the overall gaming experience is much modern and polished compared to current games. If you have played mines and bomberman or similar games then you’ll find this game in similar taste. It is also very addictive game, so I suggest playing this If you like the concept of this game.