Download Raft Pirates Android Apk

On July 4, 2013

Raft Pirates is a good strategy adventure game for android and iphone. It has very cute graphics and addictive game play.  It has some of the interesting levels that will keep you busy for lot of time.
You can Download Raft Pirates from Google Play. It is free of cost and you don’t have to follow the in-game app purchases either. The game has replay value and after you finish the initial slow levels, it also becomes quite addictive too. If in some cases, you don’t get the premium item then you can earn it with the help of the earned points from the game. So there is no need for the shop purchase either.

The levels are progressive and each level requires you to compete in order to get some upgrade or to beat more powerful enemies in the raft. Game developers have paid a lot of attention to the creative side of the game. It has very creative game AI which makes you follow certain path in order to become powerful pirate. This guided path is what makes the game slow in earlier levels but once you get powerful enough, game becomes more interesting. You have to start with the simple raft at first then get the scrap metals, build some crew, get more weapons and then defend yourself in each level. Slowly, you’ll get into more trouble and you have to then survive against cute little robot enemies.

The moves of the pirate chief robot are limited and you have to get the sonar item which recharges every hour. It takes some time to get this item as it is premium item and you have to go ahead in levels to get it. The game is very creatively built so you are going to notice a lot of interesting humor and twists in the game. So If you like adventure strategy game then you’re going to enjoy the later levels of this game.

In terms of graphics, the pirates are designed like a cute little robots. The sea and the weapons on the rafts are also designed to match the cute pirate theme. The graphics is very good and reminds me of some of the Wii games with similar character design. Each level being progressive in terms of the difficulty, has equally beautiful enemies and the background. On the visual side, game is very beautiful and attractive for those who like graphically rich games.

Personally, I have enjoyed the game and found that it is very easy to play once you get used to the raft pirates basic game controls.