Download Rail Maze apk for Android

On May 13, 2012

Rail Maze is one of the popular classic puzzle game on Android store. If you like solving logic game puzzles then surely you’ll find this game addictive. Rail Maze has many elements in it that will keep you hooked. It has some of the interesting rail patterns that will force you to play this game differently every time you start the game.

You can download Rail Maze apk from Android store. After installation you can also choose to login with Facebook Connect. By connecting with Facebook you get to invite your friends to play this game and compare the scores. As Rail Maze is quite addictive, you can challenge the players for better scores. If you don’t want to use Facebook then this game will work in solo mode.

Rail Maze Apk Download

Gameplay – If you’re new to this type of games then you can try playing demo before hitting Rail Maze seriously. In this game you have to arrange the tracks for a railroad train and keep it on track and also to avoid the obstacles at the same time. You have to see through many twists and turns if you want to keep your train on the track.

What makes this puzzle more interesting is that you get some difficult obstacles and you have to see through all the patterns and reach the finish spot. You have to watch out for the enemy trains and also tunnels, broken tracks and few other obstacles. Enemy trains are something you have to avoid because they are also on the same tracks sometimes and if you get on their tracks, they are going to attack your train.

Some of the puzzle patterns are quite hard, and there are no hints but you can always approach the tracks differently if you get stuck. For most of the part you won’t get stuck if you get comfortable with this game.

It is one good puzzle game for people of all ages and it is definitely addictive too. It is very good at the graphics too. The pace of this game is quite fast and with each level it becomes more progressive. Game has cowboy or more like western theme music in it. You’ll get used to the music as it changes between levels.

If you like classic board style puzzle games then maybe this is the game for you. It’s quite addictive and definitely worth a purchase if you like puzzle games.