Download Rayman Jungle Run Android Apk

On April 25, 2013

Adventure Games from Playstation are now being ported to the Mobile device these days. Many titles from 8-bit Gaming consoles are now revamped for the mobile and tablets experience. Rayman Jungle is one such game which was revived by Ubisoft and you can now play this game on your android device. It is the same old Rayman who can defy the laws of physics and takes you on new adventure as each level goes on. It is very addictive game and If you like playing action adventure games on console then surely you will love Rayman Jungle Run Android Game Version.

You can Download Rayman Jungle Run from Google Play Store. It is not a Free Game so you have to pay 2.39$ for this game. Your Price will differ as per the Locale settings in the Google Play Store. As this game has all the fun features that you used to enjoy on console and more, It will be worth paying for this game.

Plot : Game has four important feats – jumping, flying, walking over wall and punching. All these actions are supposed to be performed with the help of the tap on touchscreen. You may find it trouble using these feats on touchscreen as game doesn’t respond as we expect to these actions. However, the game is still playable just fine and you will surely enjoy each adventure as rayman progresses ahead. Note that laws of physics are slightly bent here which you will see as you play this game.

You have to smash every object that gives hint of the possible points. There are sleeping bees you have to smash and collect points. Attack some enemies and move ahead crossing every obstacle in your path. Make sure that there are some enemies and path which can stop you from completing the level out of the blue. Gameplay is very fast because rayman never stops moving unless you get some obstacle or stopped by an enemy. As the speed of the game is so fast, you will find it hard to play this game while in the train or some similar place where you have trouble keeping control over speed of rayman.

Graphics of the game is improved a lot and you will find it much more pleasing compared to the previous console game. Soundtrack and FX sounds are also good to listen to.

At the end, Rayman Jungle Run is very good game for those who love action adventure games. It is good for kids and adults alike.