Download Retired Wizard Story Android apk

On April 17, 2013

Strategy Defense games like plants vs zombies started the trend of tap and hold type of games. There are now plenty of games that makes use of similar concept for the tower defense games. The simple use of tap and hold was also used in Angry Birds game and It was huge success. Retired Wizard story is similar defense game based on tap and hold principle. It is one good game to play If you’re fan of defense based games.

You can Download Retired Wizard Story from Google Play Store. It is free to download the game and there are no Pro levels or anything for which you have to pay the price. It just takes few minutes to install the game and once installed you can go ahead and start playing the game. The base concept is “Touch and Drag” the sheep to put them under spell. So you make use of that function and play each level till the end of the game.

Plot – Retired Wizard Story starts with wizard who is no longer practicing his magic. He is now a shepherd trying to control his sheep with the help of the magic. As sheep getting out of control with speaking spell, only way to control them is to get them under enchanted circle and using the spell to turn their behavior into normal sheep. Each level comes with set of disturbed sheep and difficulty increases as story in the level changes. You are forced to use different magic spells to control them. The catch here is that you have to turn all the sheep back to normal or else villagers will know the secret of the magician.

Graphics – If you see the preview images of the game you will notice that graphics is very good with rich character illustration. Each spell effect is also nicely done and there is hardly anything you can find bad about graphics and illustration. Each level has new character and has different spell for binding the sheep. You will find that as game progresses there are many effects that you will see in the game.

Sound – As you can expect there are some funny sounds and each effect has it’s sound. And Yes, spell does have it’s magical sound. I didn’t find anything annoying about the game sounds. Things are in place in terms of graphics and sound for Retired Wizard Story game.

Though the game may not be addictive like plants vs zombies or similar other tower defense game. This game is worthy enough for playing once and has good levels that will keep you hooked for some time.