Download Sandstorm Rush Android apk

On February 4, 2013

Running Character games are gaining popularity on android market due to their simplicity. Sandstorm Rush is one such game that offers you fun of character running concept. Compared to games like Rayman, Sandstorm Rush gets repetitive over a period of time. If you are adventure game fan then Sandstorm Rush has some good levels for you.

You can Download Sandstorm Rush Android Apk from Google Store. It has cost of 1.99$ which is quite nominal. However considering the replay value of the game, It is not worth paying for.

Game Play: This game gives you only control of slide and rush for the character movement. You don’t have any other specific choice other than jump and slide. Your tablet controls are restricted only to these two actions. As the prince character is running all the time away from the tornado or the whirlwind, you have to avoid It by either jumping or sliding.

There are some other obstacles to overcome as well. You may come across burning coals which you’re supposed to avoid by jumping. Fire and Ice Orbs to avoid by sliding as they occur. That’s all to the game. As the movements are restricted, there isn’t much to be done here in terms of game play.

Every level makes it harder for you to control the character as the tornado becomes more powerful. You have to make sure that you jump obstacles quicker and manage to survive. There are also some minor obstacles that you’re supposed to overcome like boxes and gates which you may find it harder as level makes the character run faster.

There are some obstacles that you’re supposed to overcome by wearing specific color outfit. For example, burning coal obstacle requires you to wear red outfit and water obstacle requires you to wear blue. If you fail to swap the outfit the right time, you’re likely to get hit by the tornado.

Graphics: The whole game looks like flash based game and doesn’t really makes use of any special FX like most of the android games. It has nice background and the Arabic feel to the game. You may feel like playing game similar to prince of Persia. However this presentation doesn’t remain consistent throughout the levels. I found some levels having Disney feel in between the desert based game.

Sound: Game Sounds are not annoying but worth turning off If you get distracted while playing them. It also has vibration for the tornado hit and other special moves. You can turn that off too If you find them annoying.

If you like playing adventure games then try Sandstorm Rush.