Download Sleepwalker’s Journey Android Apk

On April 26, 2013

Adventure Games with Speed and Physics can be fun to play. Most of the android games these days are made keeping tablet users in mind. You get to use the tap and slide feature in those games. If the speed of the character is not within control of the player and also it requires solving physics problems then game becomes even more interesting. One such game that offers this type of game-play is – Sleepwalker’s Journey. It is just the type of game that has all the features of fast pace game.

You can Download Sleepwalker’s Journey android apk from Google Play Store. It is not a free game but costs only 99 cents. Considering the game-play, It is worth playing this game. If you have kids around then they will surely enjoy playing this game. It has lots of interesting levels to explore and regular updated levels are offered inside the game too.

Game Plot:  Moonboy is out of his bed due to lunar sneeze and It is your job to get him back to his bed. But the twist is that – getting back to his bed is not so easy. You have to go through all the types of obstacles and environment puzzles. Each of the dream has three moons and stars which player is supposed to collect before getting back to the bed. Level difficult increases as moonboy goes into new set of dreams.

As a player you’re going to guide the moonboy through various obstacles using the tap and slide. Note that moonboy is walking and you have to take actions keeping in mind the speed of the character. You simply can’t wait and assume that moonboy will move to certain space on his own. It is upto you to figure out how to guide him securely throughout the levels, and at the same time collecting the points that gets enough gold.

Gameplay : It has 45 levels of dreams that you will find it interesting to play. More levels are regularly updated in this game, just update the game over the Internet.

Graphics: Each dream has unique background. The amount of detailing in graphics makes gaming experience even better. There is nothing annoying about this dream game. Entire experience makes you feel like you’re indeed playing in this small 2D Game.

Audio: FX sounds and the overall background sound is pleasing and doesn’t make me feel anything bad about it.

If you like playing adventure games on tablet then you’re going to have fun with Sleepwalker’s Journey.