Download Sleepy Jack Android Apk

On April 24, 2013

Adventure Games can be fun to play on Android Tablets. I have played many physics puzzle games which has adventure element but were focused on the physics rather than the fun aspect of it. Adventure games require you to use either controls, slide or the tapping on the tablet. They’re usually not much into physics or the puzzle plots but more on jumps, flying and shooting enemies. I found Sleepy Jack to be one good Adventure Shooting Game that let’s you have lots of fun with each level as Jack advances in his dreams. It is simple and fun to play this game.

You can Download Sleepy Jack from Google Play Store. It is not a free game and you have to pay few bucks to play this game. From my experience with this Game, I can tell you that Sleepy Jack is one good Game for both Kids and Adults. The amount you pay for the game is worth it.

Plot :  Jack is in Sleep and all the toys around him wants him to wake up from the dream. But our Jack needs his sleep and you have to play around with enemies in his dream and let him have some sleep. You will face plenty of new places, enemies and weapons throughout the dreaming journey. Jack is going from one tunnel to another in his dream and you have to navigate left or right in some cases. In some other levels all you have to do is let the Jack move ahead with the help of slides.

Controls : The Important part of this game is Controls. You have to see the controls and make sure that you choose as per your convenience. There are officially three controls. First one is classic where you’re going to either touch or tap. Second one is simple slider which is obviously very easy to use. Third one is – Accelerometer, where you have to tilt the device and move the jack in respective direction.

Graphics and Audio: Sleepy Jack has an excellent graphics and effects. Each tunnel and the dream scenario is unique and you will not get bored with the graphics. You will also find the gun effects and the enemies more unique. Background Music in between the level is also not bad. It is definitely good game in the graphics and audio department.

There are however some glitches during the game-play, however in future versions, they are likely to be fixed by the Game developers. Nothing serious however but definitely noticeable glitches.

If you like playing Adventure Game then I suggest you taking a look at Sleepy Jack. It’s one good game worth playing on tablet.