Download Solid Explorer Android Apk

On April 16, 2013

Android’s default file explorer can make it difficult to use If you’re using it to sort or search larger set of files. It also becomes harder to move files especially when you choose to batch rename or delete them. Many android apps come with their own set of ways to solve the file management issues and you require some learning curve to use them. SolidExplorer is one good file management app that makes it easy for you to sort, edit, rename, delete and perform other file management related options. It is also easy to use app, so there is not much of learning curve even If you’re a new android user.

Go ahead and Download Solid Explorer Android Apk from Google Play. It is free of cost and there are no upsell so far. You will find that it integrates with the root and gives you root access to the files and folders. Unfortunately the app doesn’t have any native image viewer or the media file player support. I wish they add this feature in future version of the app, at-least plugin for other popular viewer would definitely help for power users. This is the only con with this app as per my observation.

User Interface – Interface of the SolidExplorer is very easy to change and there is not much of learning curve for you. You can quickly access menu and other file actions with the tool-bar in the bottom. You can also use two independent panels to manage your file management options. All the options from the UI are fast and responsive for the touch devices. App also gives you plenty of themes that suits your taste.

If you try to use other file management apps then you will notice that SolidExplorer is much more powerful and is much more effective. On the user friendliness – I keep this app on much higher points. Using It will let you experience, how neatly designed app this is.

Additional FeaturesSolidexplorer also gives you an option to sync your android device with cloud storage. Supported platforms are – Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and Google Drive. This is very handy feature if you have no other apps configured for file sharing or for storage.

Solidexplorer also has FTP support so you can use this feature for uploading files to your own web-server. It’s not much of polished feature but does help for small tasks once in a while.

Solidexplorer is perfect File Manager for people who are not using any other file manager app. It is easy to learn and quick to use as well. It is free app and definitely worth using for file management needs.