Download Songify Android Apk

On May 10, 2013

There are countless number of music apps on android market, each with it’s unique use. Songify is one such app that lets you turn any speech into song. Compared to many mixing and music generation apps out there, this app is more unique. Songify gives you chance to make your own songs from the set of vocals. You can either use the vocals from the available set or you can record your own and turn it into the song.

You can Download Songify from Google Play Store. It is free of cost and considering the usage of such app, I am sure It’ll be available in other platforms like apple and blackberry. If you have taste for music and like mashing up on tablet or the phone then you should take a look at this app. This app definitely has some value based on it’s downloads, you  can keep it in your phone If you like passing time when you get bored.

App Usage: You need a set of vocal sounds. You can choose to record using the app or you can simply import using the app interface. I personally found that using your own or friends vocal makes things more interesting. You can also open the song store window and select the song from the set of the available lyrics. That is another benefit for you when you have no idea about lyrics and want to come up with quick song.

There is a default song available from the songify and you can also download more free songs according to the genre. If you want to buy the songs from the store then you have two choices – In App purchase and Coins. You can also download the games from the suggested apps and then use the coins for the song purchase. I find the downloading other apps to earn coin a much better way buy songs. This way you don’t have to pay for the song purchase in app store.

Your lyrics choice can be anything. It could be thesis or some quote from the movie or some other newspaper paragraph. You don’t have to rhyme it either, you just have to phrase it and leave it to the app to work on it.

Recording: Sound recording is a breeze. Just tap the disc and it records the voice. You can tap it again and complete the recording. After that songify processes the recording and makes a song.

You can then share the music on social network like facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. There is a leader-board that shows the songs with maximum social network response.

Overall, this is a good app for making song out of recording. If you are into music mixing, you should take a look at this app.