Download Spawn Wars 2 Android Apk

On May 16, 2013

There are very few sci-fi action games that are worth playing on android platform. Spawn wars is one such game that will keep you hooked for hours. Recently the makers of spawn wars launched sequel to the game. This new release has lot of improvements in terms of graphics and the gameplay. If you have played the spawn wars before then you’ll definitely find this game quite addictive. If you are new to the spawn wars and like playing action games then this is one good game for you.

You can Download Spawn Wars 2 from Google Play. It is free of cost game so you don’t have to pay money for the game. If you like playing action games then you’ll definitely find replay value in this game. It does however have one catch where you need to keep the Internet always on while playing the game. It doesn’t have any in-game ads but for updates and other data collection purpose gamevil wants you to have active GPRS or 3G connection.

Game Play: You are playing the role of a warrior sperm that is on a mission to create life. You are going to solve some puzzles and get rid of enemy sperms to reach your destination. Each level has different level of difficulty and strategic environment to keep eye on. You’ll also find some weird enemies in each level. You’re supposed to play atleast 100 levels in order to complete this game. Difficulty of the game is progressive and so the later levels are much difficult to play.

Controls: You can use the weapons with drag and drop or by sliding or even by simple touch. So you don’t have to learn much controls while playing this game.

Graphics: One thing I have enjoyed about this game is background graphics and other FX improvement. You’ll find some of the interesting effects for the weapons and enemies. There are plenty of other games with good graphics but for the price of free, this game has much better graphics. As the spawns are basically part of human sperms and eggs, you’ll notice that they are not the cells but sperms trying to reach the level of fertile universe. Each such universe is painted very beautifully and the obstacles and enemies are designed by keeping small details in mind.

Sound: I didn’t find the audio annoying while playing the game. I did turned off the audio while playing as it is better to turn sound off while playing such action games.

As the first version of spawn wars is now removed from the Google Play, so you have only this version to download and play. If you like playing sci-fi games then you should try Spawn Wars 2.