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On October 26, 2012

There are very few good puzzle games worth downloading from Google Play market. Most of the Puzzle games are either short on fantasy and more stressed on physics. Though not all physics games are easy to play for kids and adults because of the difficulty levels. You will find Games like Spirits are much light on physics and the fantasy side of the puzzle game. Spirits is simple puzzle game that has smooth graphics and an excellent gameplay.

You can Download Spirits Android App from Google Play. It is not a free game app and will require you to pay 2.99$. As the game is very beautiful and interesting to play at the same time, rest assures It’s worth paying the small cost. Game is good for Kids and adults who like solving puzzles.

Plot – As autumn season comes, the spirits are falling from the leaf and are finding it’s way back to the home. It is the job of the gamer to find a way for these spirits back home. You will be presented with the challenges to get the spirit out of difficult place and guide it all the way to home. You have total 47 challenges and each challenge has number of spirits to guide.

Spirits for Android

Each spirit gives you unique powers so that you can use these powers to guide the spirit out of odd places. When I mean odd places, you’ll see that the puzzle really makes it hard for you to get the spirits out of these places. It’s sort of like spirits are stuck in some hole or maze from which they can’t get out unless you dug out a path or help cross them some bridge.

New challenge brings you a new set of odd place and number of different spirits powers which you can use to guide. These powers are – digging hole, create bridge, wind and revolving portal. It is very easy to control each spirit in this game. You have to tap on the tablet or the phone screen to select the actions for spirit and then use it to guide the spirit. You have to also show the direction for the spirit in the same way.

Graphics – Spirits has decent graphics of the autumn backgrounds. Each effects for the spirit action looks cool and you’re going to like it. It’s not too much eye candy but still it is pleasing graphics.

Game play – It is not addictive game in my opinion. It is rather a one-shot experience of the puzzles. That’s the thing with puzzle games anyway. Still It has decent game graphics and sound that makes this game a much better compared to typical physics based puzzles.

If you like puzzle games then Spirits is worth playing. I am sure even kids will love solving such puzzles.