Download Swing Shot Android Apk

On May 3, 2013

Rovio started a trend of slingshot based games and then many game studios came up with their own variation of it. Com2US made their own version called “Swingshot” which basically features animal-battle with the help of slingshot. The basic usage on the tablet is pretty much the same like angry birds or any other slingshot type of game. Only thing you get different here is that you get to play with different animals and different level of difficulty. Still It makes an interesting game for those who are addicted to these aim-n-slingshot type of the games.

You can Download Swing Shot Android Apk from Google Play store. It is a free game so you don’t have to pay for this game If you don’t like it. There isn’t any paid pitch in the game I came across so I can’t say If this game expects you to pay later. You can however try finishing all the game and see If It charges you for more levels or other similar updates. Rest assured that kids will love this game ,even If you don’t like It.

Game Plot: There isn’t much to the game other than hitting few animals correctly. Each level gets different set of animals and points. If you want to use effective animal then you have to use the points to buy them. This may become difficult at low points stage. It’s quite addictive once you get used to hit animals using rocks and other jungle objects. Each animal makes different sound when it gets hit and also makes noise to tease at wrong shot. If you let kids play this game, they’ll surely find it more funny than angry birds. Compared to angry birds, this game has low level of physics puzzle difficulty. The aim here is to hit the animals and get them off the jungle hanger.

Graphics: I am not much of impressed with the animated background and the animal design. They are quite average compared to most of the android games. The FX graphics and the collision is not that impressive either. You’ll definitely notice this while playing this game.

Sounds: I did find some of the animals making weird sounds. So on that point, I didn’t liked all the sounds in the game. It’s not annoying for everyone but It depends on the animal and the point where they make noise.

There are few annoying things where you get limited animals and game expects you to buy some animals in next levels. So this type of the pay per playing animal model doesn’t sound impressive to me. It feels like MMORPG type of game where you pay for plenty of inventory to complete the game.

Though the game has limited capability, Kids will surely love the swing-shot even with the available limitations. Try the free version and I am sure you’ll enjoy it.