Download Tank Hero Android Apk

On January 25, 2013

Battle Tank Games used to be fun to play on console and now these games are being ported to mobile platforms. Though there are many tank theme action games, you’re not going to find any 8-bit 1947 tank type games on any of these mobile platforms. Tank hero is one good battle tank game that has mix of both difficulty and excitement. If you miss playing old 8-bit battle tank games then give tank hero a shot.

You can Download Tank Hero Android Apk from Google Play store. It is free of cost game, however It is ad supported and you can upgrade to remove these ads. There isn’t much annoying with ads but If you don’t like them while playing the games then you can consider upgrading. There is no other advantage of upgrading in terms of features and levels.

Game Plot: Like most of the battle tank games, Tank Hero wants to destroy every enemy tank and survive the level. You can destroy path blockers, tanks and few other objects in game. Incentive however is given only when you destroy a tank and that is how you’re going to complete the level. It is single player game and offers you to compete with others on scoreboard.

There are total 120 levels and the few starting levels are very easy to complete and from there game becomes more difficult. As level progresses, you get new ammo and also few upgrades that makes your tank more powerful. It becomes very addictive once you get more ammo. Enemy tanks also get more quicker and powerful in advanced levels.

Game Play: There are two different modes to play this game – Campaign Gameplay and Survival and Time Trial. Second mode seems to be more challenging and I suggest that to anyone who wish to play this game. Campaign mode on the other hand is guided and after certain level it puts you into the war zone. Game is designed with the intention of game play on tablet. So most of the controls are tablet friendly and doesn’t require you to learn much of the controls.

Graphics: Tank Hero game is in 3D so you get some eye candy. Though I dislike the 3D interface, I don’t consider tank hero to be any bad with graphics. To be honest 3D graphics makes it more addictive.

Sound: I didn’t find any annoying sounds or theme in tank hero.

If you like playing battle tanks type games, then you’re going to enjoy tank hero. It is free of cost, so give it a shot and see if you like this game.