Download Tasty Tadpoles on Iphone

On July 18, 2013

Google play has plenty of interesting arcade games that are rich in graphics and in terms of storyline. Tasty tadpoles is one such game that has some interesting game play but released on Itunes store. Considering the way game is played, it is more suitable for the kids and those who like simple concept in the arcade games. If you’re heavy gamer on tablet gaming then you’ll not find it interesting as the game is quite repetitive. The characters are also limited to play which basically restricts the fun and there isn’t much left to explore for you.

You can download tasty tadpoles from iphone itunes store. It is priced at 99 cents and If you have kids at home then the money is worth investing into this game. Besides being 99 cents game, It has enough graphics to entertain you and kids in the house. Though the graphics and sounds are not enough for the engaging game play.

Plot: As a user, you control the tadpole named as taddy. You have to make sure taddy is not close to other obstacles which are likely to either eat him or crush him. You have to use the tap control to keep him on the other side of the pond where the taddy is less likely to get hurt. Things get hard when the enemies are likely to get in the way of the teddy and make things harder for him to move. It is quite odd to see that at some point you have very limited surface area to move and this is where the game becomes interesting.

You need to make sure that you are avoiding the turtles, eel and few other types of the tadpoles. As the taddy is on the move only your tap is going to keep him under control and let him survive in the odd times. You are going to control three characters which are unlockable and two more which are supposed to take more time to unlock. You can see there how each of the tadpole has it’s own ability. Only one tadpole requires a lot of efforts to unlock and that is where I found the game difficult to play.

It has some very attractive graphics and sounds, Kids will surely love playing this game on the ipad or any other tablet that supports this game. If you or your kids like playing arcade game like this then I suggest downloading tasty tadpole.