Download TinyUmbrella 4.21.10

On February 17, 2011

What is TinyUmbrella? In simple words, I would say that TinyUmbrella is a software/application that will help iPhone users to save SHSH Blobs of iPhone in order to allow them save ECID (SHSH blobs) and let them restore older firmware or downgrade the iPhone firmware (iOS).

While Apple denies your request to restore the older firmware, TinyUmbrella makes it possible by starting TSS service on your local computer and let you downgrade iOS. TinyUmbrella available for Windows and OSX (Mac).

Read: A guide how-to save ECID SHSH Blobs or downgrade iPhone firmware using TinyUmbrella 4.21.10..

Download TinyUmbrella 4.21.10

Download TinyUmbrella 4.21.10 for Windows (tinyumbrella-4.21.10.exe)

Download TinyUmbrella 4.21.10 for MacOS (TinyUmbrella-v4.21.10.pkg)

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