Download TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 for Windows

On April 18, 2011

TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 has released. Download TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 from

What’s new on TinyUmbrella 4.32.01?
Supports for iOS 4.3.2 for the relevant devices.
Supports for iOS 4.2.7 for iPhone 4 CDMA.

TinyUmbrella is now updated to support 4.3.2 / 4.2.7 iOS versions. I’ve also added a simple feature to allow you to ‘Visit Blog’ when updates are available.

EDIT: OK so it looks like Cydia is giving up the ghost and having some major issues. I’ve re-uploaded 4.30.05 for those of you that want to save 4.3.1 via APPLE. Hurry up and do so before 4.3.1 is no longer signed.

To save your SHSH via APPLE instead of CYDIA (the default) go into Advanced options and UNCHECK the box that clearly says: “Request SHSH From Cydia” then click ‘Apply Changes’ then select your device then click ‘Save SHSH’

Also, If you want to save 4.3.2/4.2.7 get the updated 4.32.01 as there was a file missing in 4.32.00 XD.

TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 Changelog:

  • Supports iOS 4.3.2
  • Supports iOS 4.2.7

What is TinyUmbrella? In simple words, I would say that TinyUmbrella is a software/application that will help iPhone users to save SHSH Blobs of iPhone in order to allow them save ECID (SHSH blobs) and let them restore older firmware or downgrade the iPhone firmware (iOS).

While Apple denies your request to restore the older firmware, TinyUmbrella makes it possible by starting TSS service on your local computer and let you downgrade iOS. TinyUmbrella available for Windows and OSX (Mac). The download link below is Windows version. Get the Mac version here:

Read: A guide how-to save ECID SHSH Blobs or downgrade iPhone firmware using TinyUmbrella 4.32.01.

Download TinyUmbrella 4.32.01

Download TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 for Windows (tinyumbrella-4.32.01.exe)

Please check the latest, newest, and most updated TinyUmbrella here: Download TinyUmbrella Latest version.