Download Total War Battles Shogun Android Apk

On March 26, 2013

Total War is popular war games series on android platform. It has perfect mix of the war and the strategy genre and keeps you hooked with the device playing for hours. It has It’s first series on the android called – Total War Battles – Shogun. If you like war games then you should definitely consider playing the total war battle series. It may not give you the experience like the console type of the war games but the game is very attractive with it’s game-play.

You can Download Total War Battles Shogun from Google Play store. It costs 5 bucks for the download and considering the game-play, It is worth paying for this game. There used to be a demo version prior to updates but they only have the paid version available in the store.

Gameplay: On the controls side, you feel like playing age of empire type strategy game on your phone. However there plenty of control changes and overall UI changes that makes the total war a different game. It feels like you’re playing toy type soldiers in the war games. However the seriousness in the game makes you forget about the game display.

Playing this game on the tablet is much better compared to the phone due the controls and ease of use. You have to attack the enemy checkpoints and capture the region. As the map shows you each house has to be win in order to move to new location.

Game is based on the Japanese plot and makes use of many Japanese words for the war titles and other game UI.  You have to command the ninja army to move up and down to attack the respective troops in the area. It has multiple types of the soldiers to use in the levels.

Game has an excellent graphics and makes you feel like playing some Japanese game. It has nice music going on in the background too. You don’t get annoyed with any game elements and the experience is very good. The user interface does need some changes¬† to make it easy for the player to navigate in between controls and the in-game settings. It does however has nothing wrong on the game-play side for the people.

Single player campaign finishes quickly and you can compete for the leader-board score online. It has an interesting campaign which is very attractive on many fronts. If you like playing war games then maybe you should try playing Total War Battles Shogun.