Download Zombie Smash Android apk

On January 29, 2013

First person shooter games are always fun to play on tablet. If you own an Android tablet then I am sure you would love to play some shooter games. Zombie smash is one such game that has mix of genres in each levels. You’ll find mix of tower defense, first person shooting and strategy gaming in it. So you get the best of each genre while playing this game. The basic theme behind this game is that you have to survive the zombie wave in each level.

You can download Zombiesmash Android apk from Google play. Note that this game is not free and costs 99 cents per download. You can buy it using the Zynga credits if you have in any other social network or Zynga ID. If you don’t have the Zynga credits then only option for you to download is to pay via mobile download fees or if your card is linked to the Android store. In any case it is worth paying for this game and it costs very little compared to other big brand games.


Zombie smash is more of comedy shooter concept where your survival per zombie wave is very important. You have to protect the castle from the attacks of the undead. You have to arrange some physics based structures to protect your castles in some levels. It also forces you to plan strategy in some of the attack levels. In both tablet and touch mobiles, players are supposed to use the fingers to smash the undead. You have to do this until the zombies are dead. If your touch screen is less responsive then perhaps you may find some issues with this game.

Each level gives you upgrades and some new special weapons to kill the zombies. You’ll find it funny that how each weapon is designed to kill a specific zombie. In case of the physics based structure forming, you’ll have to think of some strategy while killing the zombies.

There are four modes in this game. These modes are – Sandbox mode, Bonus night mode, Endless siege mode and campaign mode. You can choose to kill the zombies as per your comfort level in these modes. Each of these modes are interesting and will challenge to survive the funny yet challenging zombie wave.

Soundtrack of this game is intriguing and something that you expect from such funny zombie games. There are not much of funny smashing noises which is a clear miss in this game. Most of the recently released tablets and mobile will less likely to have a lag, so you can play this game without any glitches.

If you’ve a taste for funny action shoot-n-smash games then zombie smash can keep your engaged for hours.