Download Zynga Poker apk

On July 10, 2012

Texas hold’em poker game is quite popular game on Android game charts. There are many versions of this poker game. Zynga Inc decided to make their own version of hold’em poker game and their version is listed under name- Zynga Poker apk. It is now one of the highest downloaded poker game on Android. Though It requires Facebook access to play the game which many gamers consider a distraction for their Facebook account, this game still has enough users who ignored this limitation. There is also upside to the Facebook access as it lets you sync the game history on multiple platform like iOS, Android and webOS.


You can download Zynga Poker Apk and install on your Android device. It requires you to connect to your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account then create one for temporary usage. For Facebook accounts with friends, you can invite friends to the poker table and play games with them. Friends can use any device or on desktop to play this game, all they have to do is accept your game request on Facebook.

It comes with free and paid mode for the players. You get 20k$ in chips for the free mode games. In paid mode you have to use paypal to buy the chips and play with the friends. Note that zynga doesn’t give real money if you win the the rounds. This is obviously because of the legal reasons that requires zynga and Facebook to comply with rules related to poker.


If you know how to play poker then there is nothing you need to learn about this game. It has original game mode and the variations of texas hold’em poker game. Note that it is multi-player game where you can play with upto 8 players on the table. You can play with your friends or you can choose random players on-line. Your chip count will be updated after every round and you can also take a look at it in the bottom of the screen.

Zynga made many changes in this game in terms of graphics and sound. If you compare the hold’em up games with zynga’s game then surely you’ll feel the difference. I found Zynga poker much better compared to other hold’em up games. Facebook makes multiplayer game very easy, with single-on, you get access to many Facebook players.

Only drawback in this game is that you’ll find it hard to view the chat or the comments made during the game play.

Zynga Poker apk is available for the Android devices with version 1.6+ and above. If you have a modern Android device then you’ll not have any issues in terms of graphics.