Draw Something Android Apk Download

On March 17, 2012

Draw Something Android

Draw Something Android – I sit here at home and review a lot of different app’s, but now and then I will see a new app and I know instantly it will be a huge hit amongst the mobile community.

Today I have something very special for all you droidsters. I was browsing Google Play, as you do, and this app caught my eye in the top 5 new apps. If you haven’t already guessed the name of the app is Draw Something and it is available on both Android and iOS, already it has been a huge hit on both.

Today though I am talking about the Draw Something Android version of this app.

Draw Something is an extremely fun to play, drawing and word/puzzle game. It is especially popular between groups of friends that can play against each other and have a good laugh over it.

#1 Word Game in the United States, Canada, Australia,Malaysia, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. 

Draw Something Android has within just a few weeks had a massive 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 installs, and received a massive 46,781 unique ratings by users according to Google Play.

Draw Something looks to me like it will be a massive hit on both Android and iOS. If you would like to download Draw Something Android then just follow the link to Google Play here.