Dropbox introduces Streaming Sync

On July 14, 2014


I don’t know about you guys but whenever I need to quickly sync files between multiple devices I simply throw them in my Dropbox. Now while this is great for smaller files, it quickly becomes a burden when you are dealing with huge files, while it will do complete the task it will take forever.

A new  update to the service promises to make the transfer of large files almost twice as fast. Dropbox calls it streaming sync. Here’s how Dropbox explains it on their blog:

Before streaming sync, file synchronization was split into distinct upload and download phases. This meant that a file needed to be uploaded in its entirety before other clients even began the download.

While this was pretty fast, we were determined to make large file syncing even faster. With streaming sync, we can overlap those phases and “stream” data through our servers to your devices. That means an improved multi-client sync time for large files — typically 1.25x faster, and even up to 2x faster!