Dropbox makes SDK changes, now complies with Apple's rules

On May 14, 2012

20120514-112517.jpgLast week we reported that Apple had begun rejecting apps that used Dropbox SDK allowing apps to link to external purchase options. Now the company reported that they have made updates and now their apps are once again being accepted into the App Store.

Dropbox has also officially confirmed the changes made to its SDK, the guy behind the iPhone and iPad versions of Dropbox, Brian Smith, said the issue with Apple was resolved after “the worst game of telephone you’ve ever played.”

Pretty much the changes mean that applications no longer offer an option to create an account with Dropbox. If Dropbox isn’t  installed on their iOS device, the SDK will open a login view for the service directly within the third-party application, rather than opening the Safari Web browser.

The enforcement of the rule mentioned earlier has previously also affected several very prominent companies such as Amazon, The Wall Street Journal, and Barnes & Noble. Their applications were updated to remove links to out-of-app purchases in order to remain available on the App Store.

It will be interesting to see what company will be affected next.