Dual-SIM iPhone 4/4S with Vooma Peel PG92 case

On November 9, 2011

A lot of mobile phones today have single SIM capabilities but actually, the concept of having two or even three SIM cards in one phone is not uncommon as there are already a lot of phones in the market which offers dual-SIM capability. However, in the iPhone, these are restricted to only a single SIM card and a way to tackle it is by getting the Vooma Peel PG92 case.

The Vooma Peel PG92 case is nothing like any other iPhone 4/4S cases in the market. It looks sleek with its aluminum finish but it also has another perk unique only to this case which is dual-SIM card capability.

Users that get this case can download an app by Vooma which enables the use of two SIM cards on the iPhone 4 or 4S but it requires a jailbroken device for it to work. In addition to that, it also uses a mini-SIM instead of the micro-SIM which is available on the iPhone so users may need to get their SIM cards cut.

The Vooma Peel PG92 case also features an extended battery with a capacity of 1380mAh. It is available on both black and silver variation. The price for the case is yet to be announced but those that are interested can always check on Vooma’s website.