eBooks iPhone-Style With ZappTek’s Legends

On July 8, 2008

Over the past few years I have been moving toward being as paperless as possible.

When the New York Times released their TimesReader last year I jumped on it. Reading the Times on my tablet pc was a pleasure. Fortunately just months after I made the move to Mac so did the TimesReader. Most of the time, though, I read the paper on my iPhone using the NYTimes mobile site.

My paper magazines have all but been replaced by Zinio’s electronic versions.

I’ve cycled through a number of dedicated eReaders. I had the original Sony Reader. I used a Kindle for a week before returning it. And I currently have a SonyReader PRS-505.

I love the convenience of having a huge variety of reading material with me all the times and reading on a screen has become completely natural for me.

The holy grail of electronic reading?? Ebooks on the iPhone…


What is better than having reading material with you and accessible on the one device that is with you constantly? Sure, the screen is only 3.5 inches but with the iPhone in landscape it works great.

I was thrilled to hear that eReader is looking to release a version of their excellent reader for the iPhone but that won’t be happening until the fall at the earliest. In the meantime, ZappTek has things well under way with their upcoming Legends.


According to their site-
ZappTek is partnering with today’s hottest writers to bring you the best in cutting-edge fiction for your reading enjoyment. Legends brings the full reading experience to the iPhone and  the Times on iPod touch. Easy to read, scalable text, with triple-tap inversion for low-light reading, Legends puts your library in your pocket. Each book shows up as an icon on your Home screen, opens to your last read page, has bookmarks, lets you make your own, plus make notes as you go. It’s the look and feel of a book, with the ease of the iPhone.

The reader appears to be incredibly advanced, featuring-

*the ability to zoom and rotate
*automatically remember location after changing songs or answering the phone
*bookmark pages for later access
*add notes


Watch for an upcoming review