Edifier launches new Esiena and Bric Bluetooth speakers

On October 6, 2012

When it comes to music, one of the respected names in the industry is Edifier. While most of the products are meant to be for computers, there are also those that are made for the iPhone. A new set of Bluetooth speakers were launched recently by Edifier and we are talking about the Esiena and Bric Bluetooth speakers. While these two speakers made use of the 30-pin connector dock, it is still not obsolete considering that you can still connect your iPhone 5 through Bluetooth to any of these speakers.

The Esiena Bluetooth speaker comes with 3-inch full-range drivers and a class D digital amplifier a swell. Due to its bulkiness, it isn’t portable which would bring us to another Bluetooth speaker that is the Bric Bluetooth. Instead of the 3-inch drivers present in Esiena, the Bric speaker comes with 2.75 inch drivers instead along with the same class D amplifiers. You will also get a travelling pouch for your adventuring needs.

As of date, both speakers are available in both the United States and Canada. The price for the Esiena stands at $300 while the Bric is available for $100. If you want to get a device that comes with the Lightning connector dock, you may need to wait until next year till the manufacturers release some new devices.