Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Call of Mini: DinoHunter, Dead Ahead, Blip Blup & more]

On May 27, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. So here are our top picks for this week.

Call of Mini: DinoHunter ($0.99)

Call of Mini

Call of Mini series has already won millions of hearts with the unique block or Lego animation and Call of Mini: DinoHunter is just another gem to its crown.  Being born in the ancient soldier clans, you have been trained for the worst. The long dormant dinosaurs gets aroused and it is time for your to make your dad proud. You know how this works. Takes some heavy weapons, load some ammo and bam bam bam! Dinos are strong with their teeth, claws and tail and each have their own style. Study dinos, time your moves and shoot’em up to be the victor in Call of Mini: DinoHunter


Dead Ahead  (Free)

Dead Ahead

Chillingo is surely on a roll, with a couple of titles on the featured list, week after week. This time, its Dead Ahead. I never thought riding a noisy Vespa would be so much fun, especially when you have a dozen zombies on your tail. Steer your scooter through the obstacles, over the zombie heads, jump over slopes and reach as far as possible. Don’t forget to turn around and bash some brains or lure them into pits. Upgrade your ride, weapons & ammos and take power ups like headstart, low reload-speed etc to keep you from changing into one of them. There are lots of maps and gameplay variations in Dead Ahead so that you never get bored.


Blip Blup ($1.99)

Blip Blup

Minimalist puzzle games have always been welcomed and Blip Blup is just the fit. Initially, you  are presented with a board with a grey grid. Your aim is to color all the teeny tiny squares within a particular number of moves. Tap a tile and it will send a wave of coloration in all directions, except where they are blocked by opaque tiles. Choose a different tactical point and so on, till you have a colorful result. Though the initial levels are a piece of cake, things get tricky when you go deeper and as more varieties of tiles are introduced.


Quell Memento ($2.99)

Quell: Memento

You might remember Quell, the predecessor of Quell: Memento which was also praised by Cupertino in their featured list. Quell: Memento packs the same essence and provides an excellent puzzling, yet soothing experience. All you have to do, is lead the lonely rain drop to another point by sliding it in desired directions. But it cannot stop by itself and so, needs an obstacle to block it from falling off. Quell: Memento has made things harder, with alot of enemies, obstacles, bubbles and more. Though not an unheard puzzling concept, the execution with the window pane and the dew drop effects along with soft melodies in background, makes it a must have.


Tornado by American Red Cross (Free)

Tornado be American Red Cross
With the increasing number of tornadoes hitting American shores, an app like this, is indispensable. “The American Red Cross tornado app is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it.” Loud sirens when NASA issues an alert, guides on what to do even if the towers are down, helping yourselves and your pals in case of a disaster, shelter locations, assembling an emergency kit, learning how to manage food and other resources etc are the main highlights of Tornado by American Red Cross. For free, I advice everyone to grab this amazing app, though I hope you never have to use it.


And the runners up are:

Downhill Supreme

 Zombie Fish Tank

Combo Crew

Outworded Word Search


Apps which got better this week:



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