Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Cordy 2, Mailbox, Be Together & more]

On February 11, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. So here’s your treat for today – Top 5 apps for this week.

Cordy 2 (Free)

Cordy and Volt have reached a new world after their long journey, I mean Cordy 1 and Cordy Sky. This stay is not so pleasing as evil Boogaloo rules the world and has his wicked minions (Boogie bots) looking for you. The adventurous and colorful gameplay continues as you hurl through the obstacles and enemies to save your buddy Zap Drops. The first four levels are free to try out and the rest 48 incredible levels can be yours for 5 bucks.


Mailbox (Free)

If you browse to this app now, you might be shocked to see a poor rating on its head. Also if you download this one,there is a high chance that you cannot activate it. This is because, the developers had a pre-release registration scheme, whereby you have to wait in queue to be able to use this one. Currently the waiting list is too long and that itself shows what lies within. Once you have it open, it redefines how you “g-mail”! With the minimalistic interface, great features and awesome animations, Mailbox is surely worth the wait!


Be Together ($0.99)

With Valentine’s day less than a week away, what better way for AppStore to greet us than with some dating apps. But unlike you might’ve thought, here we help someone to meet their soul mate. In this puzzle game, we help Maya and Ruby to get together at the tip of our finger. Great respect for physics and a number of mechanical objects make each level unique and challenging. The 99 cents is a great deal for the pleasing execution with attractive graphics and touching BGM.


Metal Slug 2 ($3.99)

Classic console games are confident of their success with the iOS platform and the fact that Metal Slug has just released their second sequel shows they are right. This perfect port of the arcade game boasts the same run and gun gameplay. Starting from ground zero with a handgun, our slug shoots through the enemies and obstacles, picking up more guns, money and items.  With large number of power-ups, characters, powers etc and the pixelated nostalgic graphics, Metal Slug 2 finds a place in our chart.


Feast or Famine ($0.99)

“Try surviving 10,000 years ago”! You play the role of Glyph who is in the chase of a bison, somewhere in the initial periods of our civilization.  Run like hell and hunt him down or you just stay hungry. Choose from different weapons and find the meat for your group. The jaw-dropping cave painting themed graphics, the catchy story line and incredible gameplay just keeps my eyes popped.

And for the runners up:
Roar Rampage
Frog Orbs
Flubby World
Clay Jam
Epic Mech Wars

Apps which are better than ever with the new updates:
Cut the Rope