Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Dots, Incredible Jack, Badland & more]

On June 3, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. So here are our top picks for this week.

Dots: A Game About Connecting (Free)

Dots: A game about connecting

Dots is not an innovative or out-of-the-world concept. In fact it is one of the simplest games out there. Still, Dots is our winner of the trophy, thanks to its stunning execution. I am sure that is the sole reason, why it is featured by Apple also. In this game, all you have to do is connect adjacent dots of the same color by swiping right, left, up or down. Ngeh! Diagonal not allowed.  Combine as much dots in a single move and puff as many dots as possible to be the victor. The execution is too good and reminds me of the first time I played LetterPress. The clear white background, cute little dots, subtle sound effects and melody and colored borders on joining dots makes it a must have game.


Incredible Jack ($0.99)

Incredible Jack

Incredible jack is a sort of tidied up version of Super Mario. Jack is a miner who is also a loving husband and father of two. The demons have taken them away and it is upto you to find the villains and kill them. Jack sets out on the adventure to rescue his loved ones. The kids have left a trail of coins; follow it, collect them and eliminate witches and monsters on the way. Conquer the evil worlds spread across 37 levels with a boss at the end of each. If you’re ok with the fact that it closely resembles Mario (or maybe you love that), Incredible Jack is a cool title to own.


BADLAND ($3.99)


Reminding us of the World of Goo, BADLAND is a simple game which has been praised by some critics as the best games so far in 2013. This one-touch arcade game portrays the peek of physics on iOS device as you maneuver little gremlins though a series of fatal levels. And all it takes is your index finger; tap to float and release to land. A tunnel releases a gremlin into the dark cave, where spinning saws, rotating gears, mines, spikes, heavy balls, hydraulic platforms and spring blocks are waiting to destroy you. Use power ups like swelling up, cloning, shrinking etc to make it to the other end.


To This Day for iPad (Free)

To This Day

iPoe brought a new way of enjoying short stories by their visual illustration in iOS apps. Now, its time for poetry! To This Day is a similar app portraying a poem by Shane Koyczan, written for the bullied and the beautiful. It shares the author’s story of being called names and teased at school and how he tackled them. It features how kids can be cruel and a child’s life could be made miserable by simply calling her ugly or stupid. By the end, the tone rises with inspirational quotes which calls on such people to stand up for themselves. It literally gave me goosebumps and now, I am watching videos of Shane on YouTube. He’s awesome.


World War Z ($4.99)

World War Z

We don’t know yet if Brad Pitt’s movie World War Z will be a hit, but we can see that its iOS game has rocked the AppStore. Gerry (you) is drinking beer at a bar when his son calls panicked, as his mother just tried to kill him. The smell of Zombie is confirmed when a plane loaded with the undead crash lands into the bar. This marks the start of  hard core action as you shoot the brains off the walking dead. “Featuring 28 visceral levels, intense combat, engaging puzzles, upgradable weapons and armor, and unlimited challenge mode. The World War Z game challenges you: play to survive.


And the runners up are:



Warquest Hammer


Apps which got better this week:

Grand Theft Auto 3


Subway Surfers



Apps making News:

Adobe Kuler