Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Table Top Racing, Little Inferno, Jumpin Jackabee & more]

On February 1, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. See here are our top picks for this week.

We all have spend much time of our childhood riding a toy car on a table. Now, imaging you are a tiny guy within that car and start racing. As the table forms your tracks, everything on it, including  jars, knives, burgers, milk, lamps etc  forms the obstacles. After a few rounds on the wooden board through the surprisingly realistic environment, make sure you finish first. The great concept added with the awesome graphic effects makes it our pick of the week.


Originally released on Wii platform, Little Inferno is somewhere middle a game and an entertainer. The whole gameplay revolves around burning junk at the fireplace as you experiment how different objects like wood, paper, tin cans, credit cards, toys etc succumb to the fire. Use the points earned by burning stuff to buy more stuff and so on; some objects thrown together gives a special combo effect. As game progress, some letters pop out from the fire and a faint storyline develops. Though this is not the most addictive game out there, the concept and the near perfect execution makes it worth the ‘Editor’s Choice’ title.


Poor Jumpin is trapped on a cube-world but his cuteness isn’t going to get him out. The goal of each level is simple; reach from the initial high platform to the hole on the other end, collecting apples and stars along the way.  Yeah, there has to be a ‘but’! But, few automated robots are patrolling the area and you have to bypass them or choose alternate routes so that you can fulfill your destiny. The fact that it jumped from free to 99 cents soon after the launch, has to tell something!


Game that think differently have always been accepted and applauded by iOS users and this game is no exception. You are provided a set of blocks varying in color, shape & size, along with a pattern for arrangement. All you have to do is make the pattern. If it sounds like a kids play to you, you cant be more wrong. As more shapes, stacks and colors build up, the correct order and choice from similar blocks bears the winning charm. With over 150 challenging levels, this addictive game is sure to rob alot of time from you.


Rescue Rush (Free)

Anyone who plays this game would be reminded of the classic Pacman game. But, what makes this one so valuable is its location based gaming ie. your neighborhood map is turned into a beautifully executed cartoon and this forms the arena for Columbus the Cat’s rescue rush. Run through streets, releasing fellow animals from the evil scientist but beware of the robots are on the look out. With additional maps of famous sites, numerous animals to be saved, surprising challenges and Easter eggs, this one surely deserves a spot in this chart.

And the Runners up are:
iPoe 2
Bumpin Uglies
Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show
Tumbling Tiles

Apps with notable updates:
Angry Birds: Star Wars
Asphalt 7
Inspire Pro