Email ‘n Walk – Review

On May 12, 2009

There are some apps that make you stop and think, "WOW, This is amazing! I never thought about this but LOVE it!"

This is not one of them.

Here’s the description from the developer:

Email ‘!! Walk lets you compose emails on the go’ To send an email while on the move, just open up Email ‘n Walk. and enter the subject and message text while a transparent view shows the world around you via your iPhone’s camera. Then, just hit "send" to send the message to the iPhone mail app, pick your recipients, and send away! Note: We can’t take any responsibility for your stupidity, so please don’t go walking into traffic, off of cliffs, or into the middle of gunfights while emailing.


I thought this app would capture a number of images as you walk along and send them to "show the world around you". There was, it turns out. a key phrase missing for me. The sentence really said, "show the world around you … TO YOU".

Basically, this app is a simple email composer. It does no formatting, has no advanced features and doesn’t even let you compose in landscape. What it does do is use the iPhone’s camera so that the iPhone effectively becomes invisible. You see the text of the email you are writing and, thanks to the app, what you WOULD have seen if the iPhone weren’t in the way.

It is an odd app that I can’t actually see using. Then again, it is strangely intriguing in its own right as well. Oh, and at least it is free.

Quick Take

Value: It is free so who’s to complain

Would I Buy Again: Nope. Not wonh the download time for me

Learning Curve: Zero. It is an email app and does the camera·thing automatically

Who Is It For: Not quite sure

What I Like: Cool effect the tirst time you use it

What I Don’t: Not useful for me in the least. Doesn’t even do landscape email composing


Get it HERE.