Enjoy more photo sharing and saving options with the new Facebook iOS app update

On May 14, 2013

Facebook has updated its iOS app to version 6.1.1. With the updated app, it is now easier to share photos on your Facebook timeline, save photos to the camera roll and even update your profile picture.

Previously, Facebook for iOS only allowed people to comment, tag and like a photo. The new version has brought a more exciting experience with the cool features displayed on the screen, which increase the user’s engagement in sharing of photos. One of the coolest of these features is the Photo viewer button that allows you to save, share or make a profile picture.

The app also has advanced editing capacity that makes the entire photo sharing process just amazing. Imagine being able to snap and share photos right on the spot and on the go. What’s more, you can even edit and skew the pics to your liking.

You can now get the latest version from the App store.