eReader Tip Of The Day- Vocabulary Builder

On July 20, 2008

The more I use eReader on the iPhone and iPod Touch the more I like it.

As I posted yesterday, the folks at eReader/Fictionwise were quite forthcoming about the fact that they chose to get eReader out the door and available on the App Store immediately even though it meant releasing a somewhat limited version NOW. 

A good call.

Well… I started reading James Patterson’s new book Sail and was pleased to discover one piece of functionality they didn’t leave out of the initial release- "word look up".





 So long as you have loaded a dictionary onto eReader you can look up words with ease while reading. The process is simple.

Pressing you finger on a word for a few moments brings up the dictionary and the closest words to the one you have "selected". By tapping on any specific word you can then bring up the definition, pronunciation, spelling and more.

It is a nfty little feature and sure beats having to get up and find a dictionary when reading a dead-tree edition. Nice they included it in this initial release.

(And yes- I know what "instantaneous" means- this was for illustrative purposes only!)