Evad3rs – Still working on iOS 7 jailbreak solution

On November 9, 2013


If you need a confirmation that those in Evad3rs are still working on developing a jailbreak solution for iOS 7, find out now that one of the team members announced via Twitter that the the team is still working hard and we must have patience until the untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 7 is released.

The reason why @pimskeks published this post is probably due to the avalanche of questions about the status of an estimated date or jailbreak solution development they receive on Twitter in particular, both he and the rest of the team members.

Even if the @pimskeks message’s doesn’t provide much detail about the current state of jailbreak solution for iOS 7 we still get the confirmation, after several weeks of silence from the Evad3rs team, that they are is still working on it.


However, we maintained our thoughts that this year we will not see any jailbreak solution for iOS 7 and we should be patient until early next year, to be expected sometime in February. Stay tuned for more updates about iOS 7 jailbreak, who knows, maybe there is some other team that may surprise us now.