Evernote 1.3 Geo-Location With A Purpose

On September 12, 2008

I want to spend a few minutes on the details of Evernote’s update to version 1.3.

The iPhone’s location feature is really quite neat but I have been more than a bit underwhelmed by many of the implementations of it on various apps. Sure, it is great to be able to tag an image or mark a location using the gps but I have fund many to be more gimmicky than anything else and always had the sense that there was much more that could be done with it.

Evernote has done just that and while I didn’t fully appreciate it when the update was released recently, the more I use it and think about other uses, the more it blows me away.

Imagine this- you are at the beach and find a restaurant you love. You snap a picture of your friend or take a few notes about the meal. The next year you are back to the same beach and are dying for a cup of the restaurant’s clam chowder. Sure you could search for the name (if you remember it). You could also search by a keyword (if you can think of one). OR…


…you could search for notes created within one (or five or twenty-five) miles of your current location. Within seconds every note you took the previous times you visited that location will appear. Amazing!
In addition, once a location is determined, Evernote will even take the location information and convert it into the geographical name (city, town etc…)

To my mind, that is one amazing use of the iPhone’s location feature!