Exemption on jailbreaking to expire, EFF plans to make it permanent

On January 26, 2012

It has been a while since a court ruling has allowed mobile device users to root or to jailbreak their devices against the consent of the company behind the operating system. Even though this act has been legalize by the court, a lot of these companies claimed that by jailbreaking or rooting the devices, it would void the warranty as the original software has been tampered with. There are ways of getting it through undetected although it would be a hassle to do so as well.

The court ruling that was given to legalize jailbreaking and rooting wasn’t permanent but rather for a specific period of time and that time will soon end. However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is convincing the US Copyright Office to make the court ruling permanent and hope to expand the ruling to more devices which will soon include video game devices as well as tablets.

To do so, the EFF is calling up all programmers, hackers, jailbreak enthusiasts to contact the US Copyright Office and convince them on why jailbreaking and rooting should be permanently legalized. You can also do your part by filling up the comment form found in the US Copyright Office website.