exxOS 5 – An Interesting Theme For Your iPhone

On February 21, 2013

exxOS 5 is a new theme for our devices, allowing us to modify completely Springboard terminals appearance and more. The theme works with Dreamboard platform, and if you look at the picture below you will see how all elements from Springboard will be reordered after the installation. The theme has implemented a sidebar were you have listed the main categories of applications in your iPhone, it’s working with SBSettings and an interface that allows a display and a new music player, the lockscreen and the interface of some applications.

exxOS 5 is a brand new DreamBoard theme designed by bluemetal, and coded by korbyn8495 especially for the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th Generation. The theme features a unique organization, that uses a sidebar to scroll through major categories. The theme also includes an SBSettings UI, Calculator UI, Music Player UI, 45 hand designed icons, a lockscreen UI, complete weather widget with date and local temperatures and times, and the ability to display a custom picutre and name!

The theme is compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G, now, and it can be found in Cydia in the ModMyi repo.