A Face Lift

On August 19, 2009

 Looks like Facebook is about to move up and out of the number-10 spot on the Top Free Apps list at the app store—the 3.0 update for Facebook has been sent to Apple for review. According to the developer, Facebook’s Joe Hewitt’s Twitter account, the app was submitted Aug, 16.  Hewitt also uploaded images of the new version on the app’s page on Facebook.

In the updated version, the social media hotspot will offer a broader variety of services that more closely resembles the web-based product, including a new News Feed, a Like option, and an Events feature (including the ability to RSVP).

Just in case that’s not enough, work has already started on the next update. Hewitt noted on Twitter, Sunday night “As excited as I am about 3.0, I am *really* excited about 3.1, which I get to start working on tomorrow. Tonight I can relax.”