Facebook for Android Apk Download

On February 29, 2012

facebook for android

Facebook for Android Apk Download – This app is the number one free download on the Android marketplace to date, and there is a good reason for that. In total it has had between 100,000 and 500-000 installs to Android devices around the world according to data on the Facebook for Android app page, on the Android marketplace.

It has recently, on the (16th of February 2012), been updated to the latest version, Facebook for Android 1.8.2, this version features much better better memory management and loads of bug fixes and compatibility fixes.

Facebook is the worlds largest social network started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It is used by over 250 million people all around the word. It is used 9x more than Twitter and a staggering 135x more than Google +. It is hugely popular and the company is worth an absolute forture, something like $50 billion!

Everybody knows about Facebook and most people use it.  The younger generations have grown up around Facebook so it is normal to them to use it with all there friends, but quite often now you will see older people starting to use Facebook as well to possibly reconnect with lost friends and relatives.

The Facebook for Android app allows you to do everything you would normally be able to do on Facebook on your PC, but on your Android device. It makes it so easy to chat with your friends, comment on posts, share stuff, and upload pictures and videos whilst on the move.

I personally rate this one of the most useful apps on the Android and it’s mainly just because of the huge popularity of Facebook, and how many of my friends and family use it. It allows me to keep in touch all of them even when I am away from the computer or maybe away on holiday. I would strongly recommend downloading this app to your Android device.

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