Facebook for iOS Gets Update

On November 6, 2012

Facebook for iOS is one of the most used applications on the iPhone. It had received a lot of updates before but its latest one (version 5.1) is the one to look out for. Some of the features that it had received include multiple photo uploads, message improvements UI touches and a few other things. However, for some users, it may just cause some headache as there were reports on login issues, not displaying friends and groups in app and a few other things.

For the lucky ones, they might not have the aforementioned problems but it isn’t good knowing that the current version has bugs that might just appear. As for those that use Facebook Messenger a lot, it is good to know that Facebook has incorporated Messenger inside the Facebook for iOS app. This means that you can do your chatting via this app or the dedicated Messenger application instead.

Batch uploads are good for those that like to take a lot of photos on their iPhone. However, for the iPad application, you may find that batch upload isn’t available on the app for that device. Nevertheless, expect an update soon for the iPad.