Facebook for iOS Updated With New Options For Pictures And Better Performance

On May 15, 2013

Yesterday Facebook updated its application for the iOS platform, the new version bringing more options image viewer software module and enhancements for Events and Places for the iPhone version.

The most useful new options changes are occurring when viewing an image. In addition to these options already for comment or Like tagging, Facebook 6.1 offers the possibility of saving or sharing the image and if it is your own images you can also set them as user profile image.

In the case of the iPhone version, the new Facebook version offers better possibilities of editing things from Places and loading faster the Events, the latter being a welcome improvement.

Not listed in the list of changes is the group messaging option that was recently offered to the Web version users.

The company made a small mistake when initially updated this application, the original 6.1 (image shown below) is actually a Beta product that uses a different icon and have a new menu in the bottom of the screen which provides buttons to News Feed, messaging and notifications. It has been replaced by the 6.1.1 version, which uses the same design already known, being not clear if Facebook is preparing a new interface or it was just an interface used during development.