Facebook Messenger for Phone & Voice Messaging

On January 7, 2013

For iOS users, there are many IM application that works wonders but right now, Facebook Messenger is currently one of the best there is considering that a lot of people today have a Facebook account. To those that are unaware, Facebook Messenger is another application from Facebook with its sole purpose of allowing its users to chat amongst each other. The application had recently been updated and with it comes voice support.

Facebook Messenger for both iOS and Android devices got an update today and a major one too if we may add. This is because Facebook Messenger now has features such as recording short voice messages as well as a free calling service. The good thing about the latter is that it doesn’t use the user’s call allowance but instead uses their data plan. However, this feature doesn’t come without a catch.

This feature is available to a country in the North American region but we aren’t talking about the U.S. Instead, Canadians can take advantage of this new VoIP service by Facebook. However, we expect that this feature to be available to the U.S and after that to other countries in the near future.