Facebook Updates App, Adds iPad at Last

On October 11, 2011

facebookWhile the rumors stated that the elusive iPad version of the official Facebook app was going to drop at the iPhone 4S event October 4th, that day came and went without a peep. So it is a nice surprise for most hen we found an update to the iPhone app that not only gave the iPhone version a facelift, but also carried with it the iPad version proper. I say “proper” because, as most of you were aware, the Facebook app held the iPad version secretly for a while and some industrious users were able to break it free and use it for a time. No more hacks are necessary.

The new interface moves most of the buttons to various sections to a drawer on the side. This unifies the look more with the web version and I have found some things like pages to be easier to access. You can also access your Facebook Apps from this sidebar. This may be Facebook’s way of setting up for the compatibility of Facebook games on the iOS devices. WHile I may still dislike the new filtered news feed, I do like this new interface and the inclusion of the iPad version is a welcomed sight.